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Here is the thing: I highly recommend gun owners acquire secure storage devices, preferably heavy and tough safes; this is especially true for gun owners who have kids.

BUT I do not want to see ANY legislation making that a requirement.

I do not have a problem if an insurance company wants to provide lower premiums for gun owners who use safes; that is a matter of free market risk analysis.

While I would prefer it if all gun owners would secure weapons that are not on their persons, and I cringe any time the news covers a crime where a stolen gun was used, I do not want to see any laws that criminalize the gun owner for having been victimized.

Yes, I realize that guns are deadly implements.

I also realize that each new bit of legislation we accept ultimately sets another precedent for more and more gun control.

So, in response to the OP, by all means advocate for gun owners to safeguard their property. Please stop implying gun owners are morally liable for violent acts which stem from a crime against gun owners.
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