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Check the extractor tension with a live round. Snap caps typically have smaller than spec rim diameters and will give a false reading.

Measure the length of the claw with a caliper from the tip to the tensioning wall...the area that pressed on the side of the rim. .032 inch is a minimum. I prefer to see .035.-036 inch.

To measure accurately...Measure the thickness from the spine to the wall, then from the spine to the tip...and subtract. The figure is the length of the claw.

Eyeball the claw to see that it's perpendicular to the tensioning wall and doesn't have a negative angle that would allow it to slip off the rim.

Finally, check the chamber for rough spots or machining marks left from a dull reamer trapping a chip and scoring it.

The fired cases will eject when I drop the magazine and rack the slide manually.
Amongst highly trained and keenly observant law enforcement types, this here is known as...a clue!

From the way it sounds, it's possible that the fired cases are dropping low enough on the breechface to contact the magazine feed lips, and causing the claw to pull free from the rims before they can hit the ejector. More tension may help. If the extractor is clocking...rotating counter-clockwise...that may be a player as well. More tension may help...or not...depending on why it's clocking.
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