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I worry about my wife. She likes to leave gun unsecured(not in safe like I choose to do). I don't like the idea of one of our children getting a hold of any firearms by accident.
As a gun owner and parent, that comment scares the hell out of me. Kids are naturally curious and there is always a chance that one of them or one of their friends could find one and accidentally hurt or kill someone. Please encourage your wife to lock them up.

If you live alone I can see having them out more but feel they should still be locked up when not there just to protect your investment. If you have anyone else living in the house, I strongly feel they should be locked up. My safe is on the way and they will all be locked up except for the one on me or by my bed in a lock box. I am teaching my daughter (10yo) responsible gun use and safety but I will never allow her access to the guns nor will she know the combination to the safe. Peer pressure is a powerful thing and if we are not home one day I don't want one of her friends convincing her to open it to just take a look at the guns. How many shootings have occurred because a child took their parents gun? Quite a few I've heard of. Why did these minor children have access to weapons at all? Yes I'm sure you and many other people trust your kids as I do mine but I'm sure their parents did too. Please lock you guns up if you have kids. Minus the one on your hip of course.
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