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Hammer Slap

Movin' along...

It's all about impact. Sear and hammer hook interface do well with friction. With impact...not so much.

Back in the days when the AMU armorers were setting the standard, some of them did a little modification to the hammers to shorten the distance that they traveled before hitting the sear after the slide let'em go. This was done in order to preserve their 56-ounce trigger jobs by minimizing impact as far as possible, thus protecting the finely-honed sear crowns and the shortened hammer hooks.

It was a fairly tricky modification to get the hammer geometry just right without going too far and letting the hammer hit the sear after the rebound. If the CZ hammer geometry is providing that minimal distance and impact, it's for a reason...and that reason is protecting the sear crown and the hammer hooks from damaging impact.
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