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Hello Skadoosh,,,

About a year ago (maybe a little less) I was asked for photo-ID by one of the clinic's office workers.

I inadvertantly handed her my CWL card instead of my drivers license.

The woman went somewhat berserk and called their security,,,
He (at least 70 year old man) wanted to frisk me and search my briefcase.

Needless to say I created quite a bit of noise that day,,,
My pistol was safely locked in it's cabled box in my baby truck,,,
I refused to be frisked or to allow them to search inside my briefcase.

Apparently after that I became quite well known in the clinic.

The same thing happened to me at the Credit Union one time,,,
I handed the teller my CWL instead of my drivers license.

She called her manager over who said they didn't recognize it as valid ID,,,
They hold the mortgage on my home but I moved my checking & savings accounts later that week.

Now I keep my CWL in a different slot in my wallet.


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