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Simmons of today is not the same as the Simmons of yesteryear.
Yet there are people telling me that a bargain basement scope of today is SO much better than a top of the line scope from 20 years ago, due to improvements in lenses and coatings.....

I'll keep what works, until it doesn't.

Good choice on the K4.

Just make sure that you get the scope mounted low enough (or the comb raised enough, or some combination of the two) to get a good sight picture AND good, repeatable contact with the stock- that will lessen percieved recoil, increase practical accuracy and speed target aquisition.

I see so many older guns that were originally set up for irons out there with large belled scopes (which necessarily have to be mounted pretty high, so the objective bell clears the barrel) ...... and the shooter can't look through the scope without raising his head up off the stock ..... then he has to search around to get his eye centered behind the scope so that the target is centered in the scope (assuming the target, if it's a game animal, has not moved!) ...... and then when the gun moves rearward in recoil, his head is momentarily stationary, until his neck pulls it down into the stock ...... 'smack' ....... causing him to have to repeat the whole process of finding the spot in space where his head needs to be to see through the scope all over again...... and find the target again...... bad plan.
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