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Well guys took it into the gun shop I go to all the time (gonna be working their part time here soon even). My buddy there tore it apart and we started looking at what we needed to replace or simply get because it was missing. The gun itself was freaking sludged up bad everywhere save the could tell my wife's Grandpa never cleaned anything except the barrel...the barrel was ridiculously nice!!

So I'm currently finding the best place online to buy all the stuff I need for it which is as follows:

-Hand and Spring
-Cylinder Stop
-Trigger and Stop Spring

Couple Questions for you guys though...we assumed the following link are the nipples I need correct?

Also the barrel turns a little easier than I thought it should...does that mean it needs tightened further? Does it have a hard ending or no?

That would scare me. I'd put it back together with the parts that came with it and put it on the wall. Go ahead and spend the $200 bucks or so for a safe gun.
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