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Doctor asks about my firearm ownership,,,

I had my quarterly check-up yesterday,,,
This is the first time my doctor has asked me directly about firearms ownership.

His question was:
"I understand that you are a firearm owner. Do you have a 1911?"

I replied that I didn't and asked why.

Turns out that he's been considering buying a handgun and obtaining his carry permit. His question about the 1911 is because his brother-in-law owns one and recommended the pistol.

After about 5 minutes of conversation we have set a tentative day to go to the range and do some shooting.

I jokingly said, won't the AMA revoke your membership?

He replied: I wish they would, it's an expensive organization to belong to.

Anyways, as soon as the weather warms up a bit we're going to the range and give him a handgun tour from SA .22 revolvers up to DA/SA semi-automatics.

Not what I expected when he first asked me.


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