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A couple of questions...

I am a certified Colt 1911/M-16/AR-15 Armorer but have never been trained on a revolver of any type.

Thus far, my brand new Pietta '62 Police Models seem to be in good shape. The cylinder to forcing cone gaps in less than .008" on both guns, the barrel is tight on the frame, the wedge is flush on the right side of the pistols and the wood grips and brass backstrap are a seamless fit.

The raised 'tail' on the Pietta grip, that many complain about, is one of the features I like best about this pistol. It reminds me of the arched mainspring housing on a Colt 1911 and serves to raise your natural point of aim.

During fast presentation from the holster with a bore laser, the gun points almost dead-on instinctively without aiming, a quality I look for in every pistol I buy.

One question about lockup.

I am unsure of the correct terminology, but here is what I am observing. As the hammer moves near the end of it's rearward travel, the cylinder stop drops (raises) into the cone-shaped "lead-in relief groove" perfectly and squarely in the middle of the groove. The remaining rearward movement of the hammer rotates the cylinder and the stop then pops into its notch as the trigger sets into its forward position.

This results in a click-click during cocking.

Many C&B pistols I have looked at exhibit evidence that the cylinder stop makes contact with the cylinder well in advance of the "relief groove" and then can been seen to have dragged into the notch, or does not contact the notch squarely and rounds the sharp edge profile of the relief groove.

In contrast, my 20+ year old Pietta 1858 Remington (with almost 2,000 documented rounds fired) never makes contact with the lead-in groove at all. Instead, the stop doesn't rise until the stop and notch are aligned, so it cocks rearward with a single click as the cylinder locks and the trigger sets.

Could this be just the nature of the Colt style lockup versus the Remington????

I appreciate your input on this subject...
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