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Gov Cuomo's bill that just passed in NY, the most draconian law of any state, has funds for firearms education in the schools... I'll bet my assault rifle that it is loaded with anti gun propaganda and not gun safety.

I would like to see a safety course similar to Hunter Education mandatory for all school children in the 8th or 9th grade, provided that the Hunter Education remains as it is and is not politicized. Finding good teachers will be a problem. Most certified teachers are not qualified to teach gun safety because of their ignorance of the subject matter. Also, many of the certified Hunter Education teachers are not good teachers, but what they do does no harm other than to confuse students.

Ideally we could find certified teachers who are hunters and/or shooters. Further, the course would not have to be Hunter Education -- I chose that initially because it has a lot of gun safety in it and it prohibits political discussion. But it is the only course I can think of that is readilly available.
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