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What the heck were you watching that had a hydralic wall crushing pigs????

As far as taking alotta ground to raise food, a couple acres will get you ALOT of food.
Our 70'x50' garden gives us an AMAZING amount of veggies. Especially in good dirt (which we dont have). Had to build a root cellar.

Unless you are raising the hay and grain for the animals, they dont need alotta room. Our goats and chickens share an area of about 80'x50' (though we're thinking of making it bigger). The 2 steers were in the corral until we butchered them. We dont have any, but a couple pigs wouldnt need anything bigger than 25'x25'.

We dont have any irrigating water so we trade work for hay. We border Dads 20 acres, so combined it is 35 acres. But, this is sagebrush, sandy desert and with no irrigation, it is nothing but space. We really have to water the heck out of the gardens in the summer. You would be AMAZED at how fast a 105* 20mph wind will dry stuff out. Just like a clothes dryer.
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