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Has anyone ever heard of a place falsely claiming to be a "51%" establishment?, rather than putting up the full "official" no-guns sign?

I've been to the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth many times, and while their buffet restaurant *does* serve alcohol, I can't think that I've ever actually seen anybody order alcohol there, and considering what they charge for food, I can't believe that they're actually making 51% of their income from alcohol sales.
My understanding of this, which is just from casual conversations with different bartenders, is that they just get a giant package of signs from TABC and most bar owners just post everything in the package without having the first clue what most of them mean.

I do know you can actually complain to TABC about improperly posted 51% signs and they will look into it.

A more important issue is that portion of the law is drafted very poorly. Literally interpreted, you don't even have to receive notice or knowledge that the place receives more than 51% of its revenue through alcohol sales to be in violation of the CHL prohibition. Hopefully, no judge would actually interpret it that way.
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