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Universal Background Checks....

I know this is a touchy topic. I would like to know what objections people have to opening up the NICS background check to everyone, not just FFL's. Basically, give everyone the ability to do a background check and require them to keep a simple log of who they sold a firearm to (and proof of the background check) in the event it is later used in a crime?

1. I would feel better about selling a gun to someone I have verified is not a criminal
2. It would preserve the right of private sellers to conduct FTF transactions in state without an FFL
3. It may keep gun shows alive and available for private persons to sell firearms at.

1. This could be construed, or later used, as a firearms registration.
2. There would be some added cost to individuals doing a FTF transaction
3. It weakens our rights and we really get nothing in return like the repeal of the '89 import ban or the'86 machinegun ban.

I throw this out there for discussion. I would like to know where others stand on this. Feel free to tell me where Universal Background Checks, in a form that I've outlined above, are really bad for us gun owners. We will need good arguments if we are going to fight this, and this is a good place for you smart people to share them.
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