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I have a Jennings J-22. It's over 20 years old now. I have shot it quite a bit and if I keep it clean and lubed, and use CCI stingers, it is about 100%. When I use cheaper .22 ammo, it is still pretty reliable, but I do have to CLEAN IT OFTEN.

I even carried this little J-22 while riding a motorcycle from Florida to New Mexico and back over several weeks and some pretty rough weather. Contrary to popular thought, It didn't rust, corrode, fall apart, or disintegrate. Mine is the Chrome version with wood grips.

The only part I've replaced on it was the takedown/recoil spring cap (not sure what it's actually called) and that was because I lost the original when I removed the slide once. Anyone who has one of these knows what I'm talking about.

I don't use it for anything but occasional plinking any more, since I have far better carry guns now. But, if y'all will think back 20+ years ago, there really wasn't much available in the size of the J-22.
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