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The move from England to Australia was a big one (12000 miles!) in 1965.

The move to Canada in 1968, an other big one, 35 years digging out of snow banks!

Joining my Son in Florida, in 2003, smart move. Sitting here at my Laptop, with my Glock19, and Cell phone, good feeling.

Watching the dummy, Joe Biden, on TV, surrounded by Children, Obama too.
Lets me know this is going to be some battle. The opposition to my freedoms is well funded, and totally unscrupulous.

In speaking to non gun people, the true reason the second amendment was created, to protect us from our Government, if we need too? It is like I am a weird new Citizen, "Sit down Grand Dad, have a drink of water!"

I had my Florida CCWL, prior to moving to Orlando, and carry every day.

One time only in those 10 years I was almost pushed into shooting two young men, not too long ago, very close. The thought of not having 16 rounds of very effective 9mm cartridges ready to go, at that time, sends cold shivers down my spine.

This was in answer to a threat against my lovely Wife of 20 years. The fact that the two young men were black, or that I am white, or my Wife is Indian, from the West Indies originally, had no bearing on this threat.

God Bless Florida.
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