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I've spoken to anti whackos that actually say that they'd rather DIE than take a life.

...that they'd rather cower in a closet, on the line with 911 as someone ransacks their home--hoping that the intruder(s) won't harm them or their kids.

...that if you give a violent criminal what they want (wallet, car, jewelry, etc), they won't harm you once they get it--because they saw on a TV show that criminals won't harm you to avoid harder jail time if caught.

...that the cops will get there before something bad happens, and the shooting of guns should be left to the professionals.

...that you're more likely to be killed with your own gun than using it to defend yourself.

...that guns are generally unsafe and a modern semi or revolver in factory condition can somehow go off without any negligible or malicious human interface.

No, really.
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