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Harbor Freight...

Has the best price. About 30.00. If there is a store close to you, print out the 20% off coupon.

I have the set, use it a lot and it is still good and sharp. Sizes are accurate and the bits don't wander in the wood.

As SSM says, a drill bress is almost mandatory, because you will be using a relatively large bit. Takes a lot of strength to fight the bit with any drill you can hold in your hand. You will need a way to back up the stock so that it can't move and is supported by something soft so as not to mark the opposite side of the stock. The patch box hole does not need to be more than about 5/8 inch deep. Maybe 3/4.

Get the patch box cover you want to use.

Lay the cover on the stock in the right place.

Draw the outline of the patchbox so you know where to carve out the stock to accept the patch box cover. The is a pivotal part of the process since any visible gap between the patchbox and the wood of the stock will make the job look bad in a hurry.

If you are inletting with a chisel it needs to be razor sharp. To get the fine detail, you will need a tool that is small. Small chisel or a carving gouge.

Choose the bit size so the hole will remain within the outline of the patch box cover. Don't drill the hole until the stock has been completly inletted for the cover.

It must read like I am trying to discourage you. But that is not the case. I am not craftsman enough to tackle the job but I am at the low end of the spectrum when it comes to this kind of skill.

Best of luck.

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