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Sure, give it a whirl. Below is a link that might help. There are likely some YouTube vids on the process, too.

Be aware the j-frame's spring is a coil, rather than a leaf, as shown in the link. Also, I'd remove tension in the mainspring before removing the sideplate (it's done after in the link).

Read over the process beforehand so there's no surprises. A little bitty spring that launches tends to put a damper on the fun. When in doubt, do the disassembly in a shoebox or even a ziplock bag.

Use a screwdriver with the proper hollow ground bits.

Don't use WD40. It's designed as a Water Displacer, not as a cleaner or lubricant. Besides, there are plenty of quality gun cleaners & lubes available. If you don't want to spring for an actual gun lube, use ATF.
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