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I watched it. Generally speaking it seemed each guest was challenging the VP with their questions, but only one really hit a mark, IMO, and that was the young lad. He raised the point of targeting assault weapons, whilst theirs being only a small percentage of the gun problem.

Mr Biden's answer to that was weak and did not hold water. First, there is the affecting the many for the actions of the few (the criminals who shoot at police). Second this still does not address the causes of said crime.

However, I agreed with two things that Mr Biden said.

The first was, whether for or against, that people should write to their congress-person.

Secondly, that people should not be "afraid of the facts" and particularly that research needed to be conducted to understand the pattern of behaviours and the social fabric that leads to this violent behaviour.

Research, provided that they are looking for those causes, not simply evidence that will support one side or the other, can only be a good thing.

As such, research should be very well financed, and independent.
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