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Police outgunned-
Not true, but increasing training is in order for many. Most police shootings involve drugs/organized crime. No ban will stop firearms from reaching organized crime. Look at the series of arms factories in Northern Mexico, flood of Russian weapons, and influence of Korean Mafia in Mexico cities. All related to organized crime trampling law enforcement
Identifying prohibited individuals-
The problem here is predominantly "patients rights" and has little or nothing to do with the NRA or gun control. People simply do not want to report because of liability. This is true in schools also. Almost all of the school shooters gave off clear signals before the shootings, but b/c of PC and such no serious actions were taken
SROs are a big part of the reason we have "zero tolerance" now. Once they were in local school districts and saw things like assaults they had to act. The schools all changed policies to require all staff to call SRO. Dumbest thing in education today.
1000 SROs for 90,000 schools? I don't think any of my local districts has 50% coverage or is going to spend any more on Police that do little to nothing day to day.
Flexibility for local choice(psychologists) Is there going to be flexibility for arming other staff if hat is what districts want? From his other comment i am guessing no.
More cops from crime bill-
They paid 75% for 5 years. How many of those positions remain? Almost none. All of our local staff were cut long ago. The same will happen here after spending lots of "free" federal money
Mag cap-
Biden said something like almost no one can control a rifle for 30 rounds so people should use shotguns. Seriously? Even a 5 shot pump shotgun is loosing 120 20 caliber projectiles and even if the shooter aims correctly they aren't going to be as controlled as a rifle shot.
"30 or 40 clips in a magazine" Yes he actually said it. Several times.
General argument to the effect that LEO would be safer from law abiding citizens
THis actually was kind of scary to me. Watching his talk it seemed almost an admission that he wants LEO to out gun LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and they would not be happy until that was the case.
This is the law I think states should really be passing:
"Any law enforcement officer, federal employee, or security contractor faces the same limitation on firearms as that faced by law abiding citizens." That would put an end to this crap immediately. If this stuff should be reserved for the military & war than domestic law enforcement doesn't require it. If domestic law enforcement does require it, than citizens in the areas they operate in need it also.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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