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Best loads and accuracy expections for Winchester 94?

Just bought a 1982 Win 94 from Scheels in W Des Moines. Been testing it for best loads.

So far, I've determined that Remington SP's are best and give me 5" grps off a BR with irons at 100 yds. Not the best shooting conditions. Subfreezing, wind knocking out the tgt boards and wearing AF parka, Army gloves, VB boots and balaklava.

I'm using the rear sight without the reticle and using the prongs it slides on. This gives me a wide, deep V that I deem superior for woods hunting or defense, but maybe less than precise on a target.

I'm an awarded competition shooter, but am reading claims of 1" grps with 30-30's elsewhere in this forum.

Haven't I found the right load, is it my iron sights, am I waaaay out of practice or am I hearing tall tales?
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