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Dissassembly of a S&W Model 36 - Should I be intimidated?

Mods, if you feel this would be more appropriately answered in "The Smithy" I won't be bothered if you chose to move this there.

This thing is pretty old, I think when I looked up dates on the serial numbers it was made around 1958 give or take a year.

This thing has probably never been opened up and cleaned. If it has been, it has at least been in the terms of decades. DA pull is too hard, and I just know that the old gun has a lot more potential than it has right now.

I have a desire to take it apart, give it a good cleaning and oiling, might even go as far as installing a spring kit.

I have taken apart most of the firearms I have access to and they all went back together. I have been studying youtube videos on taking them apart. I would probably order the rebound spring tool from brownells because I know enough to know that the rebound spring is one of the biggest hurdles in taking one apart and putting it back together.

I feel pretty confident that I can take it apart and put it back together. Any tips from people who have taken apart j-frame Smith & Wesson revolvers?
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