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Originally Posted by Dashunde View Post
I'll add that out of curiosity I gave this a quick test...

30+ years ago my dad traded my gramps a 38spl with a few boxes of various ammo, (FMJ, JHP & Bird shot) I recently inherited that same .38 along with its ammo, all still in the same boxes my dad gave gramps. Gramps wasnt much of a handgun shooter...
I picked 3 rounds out of ten in one of the flat plastic boxes... all 3 fired.

Most all of this use-it-or-lose-it nonsense is from "experts" who worry us about humidity, sweat, drenching it, old primers, blah blah... or from those who are on the payrole of some ammo manufacturer.

I bought a 4.5" angle grinder the other day... its instructions stated to use ONLY So-and-So brand of grinding disks or "severe injury or death may result".
Burning up good ammo just for the sake of replacing it with new is the same variety of crapola.
That's one school of thought, and I certainly respect it. That said, switching once a year is only about $100 for all my guns. I pay more than that for Netflix. For a potential lifesaving defense tool, I don't mind keeping my stuff fresh.
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