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Trying to get the average "deer rifle" to 1000, with a typical hunting scope will lead to nothing but wasted ammo and frustration. And you may find you do not have enough elevation to even get on target with the old 3-9x40 as well, much less dial in windage correction as necessary.

Buying or building a heavy barrel Savage is good advice. For optics (as much of the equation as anything) you need externally adjustable turrets and ideally parallex adjustment as well. The sky is the limit on optics. One of the new Weaver T series or a hi X target Sightron would be as low as I would go on price. Without match grade ammo you will be frustrated as well. You can buy it and hope your rilfle likes it. Or you can become a match grade ammo loader and load to suit your rifle. Loading to match standards will teach you plenty, and lead to more reloading gear too!
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