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Restoring a Model 98 Mauser Help

Hey Guys! I am new to the forum. I found y'all (yes I'm from Texas) while researching my grandfathers Mauser. A little back history: From what I have been told, he never served in WWII. Instead of serving he was in charge of a munitions factory making machine gun bullets. He ended up shutting the factory down till they fixed the rounds so that they would fire properly. My dad is under the opinion that he was given the rifle as a thank you for his work in the factory. My grandfather used it to hunt deer and it has not been shot since he broke his back some 50years ago. I don't think the stock is original and it has issues. The barrel and action are rust free. There are matching serial numbers on the bolt as well as on the barrel and the baseplate. There are other numbers and letters on the side that I cannot find the meaning for. My hope is to restore the gun and use it. What do I need to pay attention to increase or maintain its value? It has never had a scope. I am 25 and I have a background in carpentry and metal smithing, though I have never done gun work.

Markings I can make out:
dot 1944 (I am pretty sure this means made in Chekoslavakia in1944)
There are 2 German eagles with swastikas
Mod. 98
8988 (located in 3 places around the action)
4462 (located on the barrel and the floor plate)

There is also a weird marking, very small, three horizontal lines and one hash mark striking through them in the middle. below that is what looks to be an 83 or a B3, it is not well struck on the first digit.

Also the front sight is un shrouded.

Thanks for the help.

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