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It's doubtful that your Ruger would shoot way off to one side. Two accepted practices for windage adjustment are filing the rear sight notch to increase its width. Enlarging notch on right side moves point of impact to right. And the other technique is to turn the barrel very, very slightly. Canting the front sight to right moves p.o.i. to left and vice versa.

How one grips the revolver can affect p.o.a. Refrain from adjustments until you are sure about whether or not attemps should be made. If the gun hits one or two inches to either side at 25 yards or so, I'd not mess with it. Bullseye shooters know that the sun's position behind the shooter will cause p.o.i. variation because of shadow.

Many younger shooters may not know that S&W armorer kits contain a lead bar for whamming the barrel to change impact on fixed sight revolvers. I've seen this done many times. Rule of thumb: Keep one foot on the floor.
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