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why such dislike for jimenez.

I bought a hi point 40 a couple weeks ago as a first handgun. It was miserable. Always jammed a lot of ftf. I went out and bought a jimenenz j.a. 22 and its been flawless. Ive run a couple hundred rounds already and it had one failure to feed and that was because I didnt have the clip locked in all the way. I bought today amd trade the hi point for a 9mm jimenez . I havent shot it yet butnit seems to be good quality. Sure the refinment isnt that of a nicer gunnexample the trigger are kimda cheapnlooking and feel. But so far the 22 has been flawless and the 9 looks decent. So what is so bad about them? Have they just otten better? Tell me what you think. And how can you tell ny looking a good gun from a cheap bad one.thank guys I am glad to be here.
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