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Armscor model 206 38 spl. snubbie owners . . .

A quick question for owners of the Armscor 38 spl. model 206 snubbie . . .

I recently spotted several of these in a case at a LGS and they caught my eye - had nice parkerized finish and looked pretty decent at a decent and reasonable price.

Yea, I know . . . they aren't a Colt or a Smith so let's not go there. I'm more interested in hearing from those that own or have owned this model . . .

I did look up the Armscor site and take a look at this model there . . . however, their specs don't indicate if this is a SA/DA or a DA only. Am I correct in assuming that this is a SA/DA?

For the price . . . were you satisfied with it? Did it shoot O.K. and did you have any problems. Any "weaknesses" to be aware of? I realize that they are somewhat of a Colt "clone" but made in the Phillipines. From what threads I have found on them, it appears that the triggers are pretty good on them considering the price. I'm thinking that one of these might be fun to have just for an range gun once in a while. I'm going back to take a better look and to handle them just to see what I think of them. I would only be shooting standard 38 spls. in it. Thanks for any info and opinions on them - greatly appreciate it.
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