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how many lawn mower,snow blower,chain saw, propane torch accidents have occured...when they have or suggest mandatory training on these items and other items any "joe shmoe" can buy then I'd be willing to consider it.

There is mandatory training for people wanting a driver's license....they still do stupid things and have accidents after the fact.

I'm old school....trained My children on firearms...the ones one forced. Bought My son a 12 gauge shotgun for his 12th birthday. He stored it in his room with ammo. Told him after training that if I EVER caught him screwing around with it, I'd take it away. When we shot it, I'd always suggest or make him shoot a few extra rounds. When he got home, he wanted to put that gun away and forget about it. I let him have it his way....after I told him to clean it. He's 37 now. My grandson knows where there are unlocked guns in My home. He has no interest in them and that's ok with me.

What I'm trying to get at is education starts at home.
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