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We need to fight back on all this crap in an EXTREME and DIRECT media campaign. The NRA needs to shell out the cash for a SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL.

No fancy dialogue or actors, no warm fuzzy sweaters and fireplaces.

Get a respectable spokesperson to come on screen with a simple background and say FLAT OUT that... "

The AMERICAN PUBLIC is being LIED TO and INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD about GUN CONTROL and VIOLENCE by politicians and billionaire elitists!" "Here are some FACTS along WITH their SOURCES that TELL the TRUTH."

(Show some statistics here in white letters on a black screen. Include facts about LOWER crime rates, assault weapons rarely used in crime, relating to CONFISCATION from registration.)

Spokesperson comes back on screen. "Feel free to read more about this subject and the struggle to maintain our Constitutional AND individual STATE'S rights on online and form YOUR OWN opinions." Thank you for your time.

End commercial.

I think if the Republican Party would be willing to help foot some of the lawsuits that would follow by naming SPECIFIC names than it WOULD BE EXCELLENT to mention them BY NAME.
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