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Response From Dave Reichert D WA

Here is the response i received from Congress man Reichert. Seems like a fence sitter. No response from WA Senators yet

Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding Second Amendment rights and related legislation. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter and welcome the opportunity to respond.

Over the course of the last year, the United States has witnessed tragic shooting events in several parts of the country, including the most recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. In response, some have called for legislation to address the online sale of ammunition as well as the possession of ammunition feeding devices. As you may know, several related measures were introduced in the 112th Congress. Rest assured, should these measures come before the House of Representatives for a vote, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind and give them thorough consideration.

I share your concern about gun violence in America. This difficult issue requires a thoughtful approach and consideration of many related issues, including the services available to those suffering from mental illness. Please know that I am already working with my colleagues on how we can address these issues, including increasing school safety. In a previous Congress, I offered an amendment that would have authorized resources to enhance and improve school safety by modernizing and upgrading school technology and infrastructure to ensure schools are properly prepared for the unthinkable (H.R. 2187). We have an obligation as Americans to make sure that our nation's youth are protected from harm's way  these heart-breaking tragedies must be stopped.

As a law enforcement officer for 33 years, I realize in a very personal sense just how dangerous weapons are in the wrong hands. I am concerned about the violence that results from criminal use of firearms and the incidence of criminal possession of firearms. However, I believe the best way to deal with crime is not to limit the availability of firearms to law-abiding citizens, but to enforce our laws to ensure that criminals do not obtain weapons in the first place and are penalized for their misuse. These criminals must be held accountable to our laws.

I believe Congress has a responsibility to ensure that legislation holds up to constitutional scrutiny, and I am a strong defender of the Second Amendment, which permits citizens to keep and bear arms. As we move forward into the 113th Congress, my colleagues in Congress and I must come together in a bipartisan manner to help find effective solutions to prevent these horrible tragedies from ever occurring without violating the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.
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