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If I was in the market for a new revolver I'd look for a .357 mag. You can shoot the .38 special in it and even a 38 S&W. Most folks do. For plinking a 38 special is just the ticket. You don't think a 357 is powerful enough? Shoot a hotly loaded one. A .357 mag is no toy.

You will not enjoy shooting a 44 mag, but you can for a few shots. I like a 45 Long Colt and load them pretty light. Pleasant to shoot and they make a big hole which is kind of satisfying. I like the Smith 25's. Some are .45 acp and others 45 Long Colt. If you buy a .44 mag you'll end up shooting 44 Specials, everybody does. They are nice and can be loaded down to be comfortable to shoot.

Get the .357 and shoot 38's and have a ball. If you want to do real damage shoot the magnum round. See if you can find an old Combat Masterpiece, or Ruger Blackhawk.
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