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I don't always know what someone means when they say "clip". At the shop where I work, if someone asks for a clip for an SKS, sometimes they actually mean a stripper clip and sometimes they mean a magazine for the Tapco converted versions. If someone asks for a clip for an AR-15, sometimes they actually mean "stripper clip", considering military 5.56 ammo comes that way. And we usually carry a few revolvers chambered in .45 ACP, so sometimes when people ask for a clip for a .45 they want a moon clip for a revolver.

There is a technical difference. That is not debatable. Whether the technically incorrect term "clip" should be accepted by the gun world to mean "magazine" is a different issue.

I say, "No". The biggest problem we have right now in the gun world is our country's complete and total ignorance on firearms. We have a majority of people who have been convinced that an "assault weapon" actually exists, that it's more deadly than other rifles, and that it's a danger to society and it needs to be banned. It's always amazing to me the look on people's faces when I tell them that assault rifles are already all but banned, "assault weapons" are just rifles with scary-looking features, and ALL rifles only account for 2.8% of ALL firearm deaths.

That's the problem in our county: our gun laws are made and supported by people who know absolutely nothing about firearms. Educating people on the difference between a "clip" and a "magazine" is the first step to combat that ignorance.

Sad to note, but the general public in this country, notwithstanding the "traditions" of the U.S. is abysmally ignorant of firearms and the technology thereof, which is not to say that "rocket science" is involved, it isn't, rather it is a case of the blind leading the lame, media's endless beating of the gun control drum, there are a few exceptions to this, but media, in general feeds the public ignorance, if it doesn't actually create the public ignrance.
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