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What have you shot ?

Everybody has posted some real helpful info.

I tend to agree with platform first. When shooting heavy caliber handguns, in my experience, the way your hand fits with the grips is critical. and and and,,, there are many options to change those grips.

Then there is the caliber choice. Technically, the folks that mentioned it's a waste to shoot real big heavy caliber's in short barrels are accurate,,, most, but not all, large heavy calibers need some barrel length to burn all that powder and push that monster up to it's potential. What's that mean ? it means 6" 's, or more. I don't see the logic of less than a 4" barrel with large heavy calibers. That being said, if for personal comfort, I had to choose between a short barreled heavy caliber, while in the woods,, and a short barreled lighter caliber,,,, I'd take the bigger one !

Now here is the kicker,,, it's a great set of choices to have and tweak. You can get one gun,, and change the grips a couple times,, try some different ammo, and enjoy.
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