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May Be Time to Boycott TIME Magazine.

Was incensed by the ignorance evidenced in the new issue of Time. Articles on Gun Rights appear to be ill informed. Glorifying the White House attempt to repeal the second amendment. Distorted facts abound. They are comparing the so called assault rifles to a Musket. Stating said Musket fires three or four rounds a minute ! Talking up Joe Biden who is one of the most well documented known liars to make his living in the political cess pool. Idolizing Michael Bloomberg who essentially purchased his position. I had to put it down before I threw up. What a bunch of pig excrement these people emit. The attempted brainwashing of the American public is well under way. I would encourage everyone to boycott TIME and their advertisers. Hard to believe they are such protecters of the First Amendment but equally ardent at aiding the destroying of the Second Amendment. I need to go use the restroom and I think I know the best use for my issue.
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