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Quote: EdInk "You can get a birdshead gripped Ruger NMV. IIRC, you can even buy just the grip frame."

Yes, I found one on gunbroker...check out my other thread concerning it:

Jim March:
I DO like the finish on the Berettas, but I also like the Cimarron Thunderer, and I don't think I will worry too much about the 5 versus 6 round safety of carry. If I find a good deal, I will probably jump on it. 6 rounds would just be a bonus!

Cimarron-out of stock
Ubertti-out of stock
Berettaout of stock

Guess there are not too many options right now, so I've been stopping by gunbroker and armslist every so often.
Still have not had what I wanted pop up

I am still searching for a 357 with a birdshead grip this point I don't really see too many differences other than there is Ruger, and then there is everything else

(That might explain why I just might buy the Ruger birdshead grip frame even though I don't have a Ruger yet)
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