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Thanks Gentlemen!!!

Your responses were very, very educational! Instead of a headspace problem with my Savage, what I have/had is a mixed bag of apples and oranges and you guys sorted them out.
1)The shoulder datum increase of .021" from new unfired to fire formed , my original concern, is not a problem at all, but led me on a witch hunt for more perceived problems; The shoulder should then grow between minus 0.0059 and plus 0.0261"
2)My "Pushed back primer" results; This has little to do with pressure, other than if the loads are too wimpy, the case will not stretch and the fired case will have the primer sticking out .006", and [I]Good advice. It didn't occur to me to ask if his protruding primers were actually loose primers. If so, there's no conflict between that sign and the sticky bolt lift sign./I]
3) "Stiff Bolt" ; I also had Hard Bolt Lift with the H4831 while testing 150 grain Swift Sirrocco's. An anomaly perhaps?!
4)" Smiley Face" and/or ejector pin hole mark on case head; some brass is just softer these days

My plan of attack: ensure to resize only .001-.002" from fire formed, different bullet/powder combination and Per Ken Waters, as soon as I saw primer flattening, or more than .005 increase in head measurement, I would back down .5 grain.
I assure you I appreciate all of the info and responses, I should have asked a long time ago here, I might have trusted my Savage in Wyoming last elk season, THANKS AGAIN!

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