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What is mandatory education supposed to accomplish?

Let's back up a step. ALL the current furor is due to a sick kid who shot up an elementary school. In order to get there, he MURDERED his own mother and STOLE her firearms.

Background checks would not have helped. It has been documented that all the firearms were purchased legally.

Connecticut has an AWB in effect. The Bushmaster was, by legal definition, NOT an "assault weapon."

Required licenses wouldn't have helped. Criminals don't apply for carry permits.

Mandatory education? The kid WAS educated. His mother had taught him firearms safety and marksmanship, and taught him well. Does it really matter if a mass murderer accidentally sweeps a potential victim before killing him/her?

Don't weaken. We ... do ... not ... need ... more ... gun ... laws.

Originally Posted by Mausermolt
Win win, anti's have on less thing to complain about, and we still get to keep our rights!
So you support a mandatory course in civics, fee paid by the person taking the class, before you're allowed to vote or write a letter to a newspaper, correct?

Why should I need a piece of paper to exercise a RIGHT guaranteed to me by the Constitution?

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