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I might have a piece to a project on my hands...any advice?

Hey fellow TFL-er's!'s the scoop, a while ago I had posted a thread about a "Stoeger Stallion" anyways...I passed and decided to keep looking for a birdshead-gripped single action revolver.
Here's what popped up on gunbroker:

"Ruger Birdshead Gripframe"

Now, I would love to buy this and put a top on it, in the description it is mentioned that this will fit an old model Blackhawk/Vaquero...and that would be absolutely perfect because I am learning how to reload and in the not-too-far-off future, I plan to start buying equipment and start reloading.

A Ruger Blackhawk/Vaquero would be great fun for a reloader! If I am correct, the "old models" that this frame would fit are the strongest Rugers?

How difficult would it be to change out the grip frame?

Seeing as I don't own a Ruger right now, and it seems that "halved" Blackhawks/Vaqueros are hard to I going to need to buy an old model Blackhawk/Vaquero and then swap frames? Or do guns-sans-gripframes pop up every now and then? (Gunbroker yielded no incomplete Blackhawks)

Any tips, advice?...the price seems pretty high in my opinion, but then again it also seems to be a rare thing to find a Ruger with the birdshead grips...
Would this be something to buy and put away until I find a top piece? (for lack of the correct term!)

Thanks, I would love to hear all of your opinions!

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