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HEEEEEYYYYY!!!! the high school requirement thing is a great idea! but thats wishful thinking at best. it will never happen. but maybe with all this media attention on guns i guess anything is possible. my only fear would be that just as some of you have said, it would get rolled into a "guns are bad MmmmKKaaaayyy, dont touch them and certainly dont buy them" type brainwashing.
Pahoo: i dont see how taking a class would turn into a control type situation? an ideal class would be one where there is a test at the end and if you dont pass, you must take it again. you can take the class as many times as necessary until you pass the test. make the class a small fee (just like a concealed carry class does) so it gives you the incentive to pass the first time. plus its a revenue generator for the state! Win win, anti's have on less thing to complain about, and we still get to keep our rights!
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