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Actually, they'll drop LIKE A ROCK as soon as it becomes evident there will be NO "AWB"...

Even Biden backed off- today, as matter of fact...

As Dear Diane did her dog and pony show.

It will be a matter of months, not longer. And the guys that stockpiled SKS's (and just about everything else) will be dumping them on the market because they need the money for something else...

Let's see, these were $800 a few months ago.
Now, there's fools that'll pay 50% more, for one with a busted stock, and "limited hardware"..

What the heck is "limited hardware", anyway? No sights??

Man, the guys over in Russia are laughing all the way to the bank.

A fool is born, every minute. Just like the guys paying $150 for a brick of 50 year old 54R surplus...

As far as the "state issues" go... the states are bound by the Second Amendment.

It will not be long, post Heller, before a lawsuit is filed challenging the constitutionality of NY's behind closed doors, middle of the night fiasco...

My money says that if I just wait a bit, and don't buy guns or ammo I don't really NEED, they'll still be there just a few months from now, and many for 50% or more less than what they're selling for now.

Time, will tell...
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