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So what exactly is the difference between the vx-I and the vx-ii? I've got a Rifleman and 2 vx-I's that have never had to be touched after initial zeroing unless I changed ammo. I did notice that the most recent vx-I I bought a couple months ago had click adjustments. When I bought it, I compared it side by side with the vx-ii and could see no difference at all besides a different parallax adjustment.

By the way - to the OP - buy the Leupold with confidence. It will not let you down and if it ever does, their warranty is awesome. I've never had to use it myself - just nice to know its there. I've had a rifleman on a 300 win mag for 8 years - about 300 or so rounds and zero hasn't moved once. Even dropped this rifle a few times out in the woods.
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