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Out to 600. They have 1000 matches also at the club but I figure it's going to take enough practice to get proficient at 600, 1000 is a ways off for me.

I was leaning towards .308 for two additional reasons beyond the TR/Open utility , it gets pretty windy out here in the desert from time to time, and there was .308 in stock around town. Unfortunately some looking around today indicates the buying madness has now snapped up all the .308 too.

I am a reloader, somewhere in the novice and getting better range. What ever I get I'd start loading for but would like to start with factory ammo and build up some brass( I do already have plenty of .223 brass though). I need to run by another shop that carries components, right now primers seem to be the weak link everywhere I go.

I'm not so concerned with being behind the curve in open, I'm ok with the idea of getting whooped by the others, as long as I'm improving.
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