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This whole 'fireside chat' crap by this VP was no more than more cheerleading and pom-pom waving for the public by an anti-gun administration that is bound and determined to keep screaming their point with the hopes that the longer/louder they scream the more people they will recruit to their socialist line of thinking.

This so-called 'chat' confirmed even more that this administration is just using the death's of the people killed at Sandy Hook and other tragedies as a stepping stone to promote their own anti-gun/anti-second amendment philosophy's. Same as when Obama used the children on stage during his speech about the new AWB's

Purely sickening!

Too, the comments about LE being outgunned on the streets by thugs carrying assault weapons? Why then is all the plea bargaining going on in the court system's when these thugs are caught with guns, arrested by a cop who risks his/her life daily to do their jobs and the courts put the thug back out on the street before the cop has a chance to even get his/her report filled out completely?

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