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The police feel "out gunned" by citizens possessing "assault weapons" ?!?

EVERY cop in the area where I'm from have a MINIMUM of their service pistol, (typically loaded with the most hard hitting ammunition available to them, not what you can find a meijer or walmart.) A 12ga pump or semi auto shotgun, AND.....get ready for this Mr. AR15 of some kind in their patrol car. Our local guys ALL have 14.5" barreled bushmasters. Some guys have buddy (when he was a LEO) had his G22, a G19 under the seat, a +p loaded .38 snubbie in the console and a 6" .44 magnum S&W in the pouch on the back of the seat. Along with...a 12ga 870 and a 16" Colt LE carbine. OUTGUNNED!?!

And then went on to say that LE feels outgunned by assault weapons....since they are being carried around on the street by "the bad guys"...which are most likely in possession of them illegally and couldn't give less of a [email protected]#! if they are banned or not. What bearing could that possibly have on a law abiding citizen?

The youtube guy had very good valid points and questions....and Biden didn't answer or address a dang one of them. "how is banning fried chicken going to end obesity problems in the US Mr vice President?" -Biden- "Now I tell ya, I like and blue bicycles, yessir I do" That's pretty much what happened..........idiot
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