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Selling the Gun Culture

Just about every discussion on 2A I've read or participated in goes like this:

anti: We should ban guns because of this wildly inaccurate fact.
pro: I'm sorry, your facts are wildly inaccurate, here is the real story.
anti: Nazi! The blood of children is on your hands!

The actual words vary, but the conversations all follow this depressingly familiar pattern. It's clear that emotion is driving this debate, and unless we want to be mobbed like the cool scientists in War of the Worlds (the good one) we need to develop a powerful emotional message that will penetrate the panic-stricken minds of the soccer moms of America. That's what this thread is about.

Here are some of my thoughts on selling the gun culture:

1. Women are the key. We need to emphasize what a powerful equalizer the firearm is for the modern woman. It's probably done more to level the historical playing field in man/woman relations than even the birth control pill. Without a gun, a woman is wholly dependent upon the good intentions of those around her, and that can be a tough place to be. To paraphrase Tam, we've already tried a gun free world, it was called the Middle Ages, and look how well that worked out for women.

2. Police can't protect you, they can only clean up the mess afterwards. I'm of the rather wishful opinion that a lot of the people participating in the recent run on guns are doing so because they want some form of home protection. It's a man's job to protect his family, and they need guns to do that. For the woman, while her man is away, if she doesn't have a piece, she and her children are utterly and completely defenseless. Do it for the children!

3. Gun control has historically been about keeping Blacks powerless. This is a powerful message that is conveniently true. Blacks, Hispanics and other minority groups should be some of the loudest voices in favor of 2A.

I'd love to see some effective PR around these messages begin to blanket the media starting yesterday, and I'd love to hear your ideas on how to sell the gun culture.
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