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Clean after you shoot it even if you just shoot it once. It wont hurt to let it go overnight but let it go for a month and you will have a rust bucket. Use hot soapy water. I use shotgun bore mops but you can use a tight patch on a jag. Those slotted tip jags are useless for bp. Remove the barrel and put the breech in a bucket of soapy water and use the ramrod with a patch to pull water up the bore. After that let it drain for a bit and then I like to spray the bore liberally with WD-40 to displace any water left. Then use a vegetable based lube in the bore unless you want to clean it all out before you load it the next time. Some people remove the nipple for cleaning. Whether you do or not use an old toothbrush to clean around around the snail and hammer face. You can use whatever lube you like inside the lock and the outsides of the gun. You can't season a rifle barrel.
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