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I seem to be hearing that the Savage has the reputation for most accurate out of the box. would y'all agree?
Short answer, yes- I would.
Team USA won the F-TR World Championship, which included shooters from Team Savage a few years ago shooting bone stock Model 12's..

All the other suggestions are good...the 700, W'by Vanguard/Howa, Tikka (Lite).

Thing is, these days- minute of angle accuracy is pretty much the standard for even entry level rifles. I've yet to read anything other than a very positive review on the Ruger American- and that's a rifle that costs only a bit over $300 and if what I read is true, they all seem to shoot to that standard. To add- I'd stay away from the Savage Axis as they don't seem to be as consistent with out-of-the box accuracy, and the Rem 770 has some haters...

So, while the Ruger isn't available in .300 WM (it is in .06, though...) it would be pretty hard to justify (logically!) spending more for a "typical" hunting application, IFFFF customization isn't a consideration.

So, if you're really sure you would never want to customize your aftermarket trigger, stock, or barrel - then why spend more than necessary? I'd put the extra money towards the optic- which is where most guys tend to "cheap out"- and a higher end optic can always be moved to a more expensive rifle if you ever get the itch to "move up".

But honestly, if I understand you correctly, this is your first rifle outside of the milsurp. While you believe you won't want to customize now, there's always a chance that mindset might change.

If it does, why not have a rifle that'll allow you to do that (aka the Savage or 700), for not much more up front expense.
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