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My dad grew up during the depression also. He used to tell the story about when they ran outta lead shot for the double barreled muzzleloader shotgun, they had no money to buy more. So they improvised and used carpet tacks instead. Worked well except for having retrieve the squirrels that got NAILED to the tree.......

Times were hard during the depression and lots of folks lived off the land to survive. But that was then. Many states today still have a law on the books that says a landowner can legally shoot small game anytime of year on their property......this goes back to these hard times. Nowadays tho, things are much different. Your Grandfather today, Deja vu, would qualify for free lunch at school. In the morning, he could probably get free breakfast too as many school districts offer this too for those that need help. He and each of his siblings would also get a check every month for $475 from SSI. Today he would have no legitimate reason to poach, same goes for the majority of folks in our country. LEOs and Game Wardens are no longer the Judge and Jury. Their job is not to look the other way, but to enforce the laws and leave the sentencing up to others. Otherwise they are no better than the crooks/poachers they protect. While there will always be extremes and always be one chance in a million that someone needs to poach to not go hungry, odds are today, it ain't gonna happen. They are poachin' cause they enjoy killin', or can't get a trophy legally.
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