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Joe Biden on Gun Control

We shouldn't be afraid of the facts? I think they shade the "facts" to fit their ends just like in a campaign.

Crime went down because of the 1994 AWB? That one is pure BS. Crime has continued to go down for a long time including after the AWB sunsetted.

Restrict "Assault Weapons"? Why... because they want to and they are a symbol when less than 1% of crimes are committed with an military styled rifle.

Machine guns are illegal? That is a new one....

Background checks? There is little evidence to support that having required background checks for all firearm transfers will reduce crime. Joe.... let's study this and let the facts dictate what legislation is proposed.

Let all voices be heard? They only listened to the voices that told them what they wanted to hear./ The pro-gun groups were only invited to the "meetings" so they could say that they were involved in the proposals.

10,000 cops.... they hired no where near that number and after a year or so the local government had to fund their salaries.

I am more concerned about magazine size than assault weapons? Carry more magazines if limited to 10-rounds. He suggested it might take 1 to 1.5 minutes to change a magazine by someone who is not trained. That is time for law enforcement to arrive and maybe one life will be saved.... BS. He doesn't know what he is talking about.

His fireside chat was filled with errors. He claims to be a sportsman. I bet he doesn't even know how to load his shotgun. He also said a shotgun is a better SHTF firearm than a "assault weapon". I'd want both.

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